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End of another non-creative year

So we have just celebrated another Christmas and counting down the days before its 2017. While sitting here in absolute boredom I have just discovered my website... again. My website is something that I only look at in the school holidays and always think "I really need to create more work and update this site". I sometimes start something but often don't complete or just simply do not document it.

The lack of motivation towards my creative practice often plays on my mind. Ever since I started teaching I have felt this absolute exhaustion towards making my own work. Maybe developing students ideas all day and creating examples drains all my creative juices? Maybe I just ain't that creative, passionate about art or maybe I'm just plain lazy toward making art? (Probably a combination of all of those things).

I also think not being completely confident in my practice holds me back from making work. I am often asked what type of work do I make and my answer is often "a bit of everything". Which really means a master of none lol. Or maybe I just need to face the facts that art was just a vehicle to my destination as a teacher, but how can I be a good teacher of art if I'm not a practicing artist? or maybe then the question would be how can you be a good art teacher if you are focused on your own practice?

My point is I have a million questions about my life, my career and the world in general. So in my bid for some creative soul searching and professional documentation I have started this blog, a weekly (is the target) update of my week trying to find answers. It will also be a place where I document my teaching practice so I can cross off some of those pesky Practicing Teacher Criteria with some hard "evidence"

So if for some strange reason someone has bothered to read this blog or at all is interested in my boring life as an art teacher.... I wish you a merry Christmas and a creative new year xo.

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